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On 17/05/2021 at 17:27, DrAlexanderTobacco said:

Sounds good. Lemme know if you ever get a donation link up to help with costs, etc.


Donation widget is now up and running on PlayAirsoft.


Thanks in advance for all your support, and please: don’t feel obligated to donate. I will be looking into better ways of supporting the site than donations. Something that works both ways, as opposed to just “gimme me money”.



  • Improved homepage which is now faster and clearer
  • Added newsletter sign-up throughout the site (for later)
  • Created a dedicated map page with proper map controls
  • Blog has now an RSS feed, for those who still remember what it is and how to use it
  • Individual location and region pages load much faster now and look way better, especially on mobile
  • Added a few new site attributes:
    • Site limits (AEG, DMR, Sniper; in Joules)
    • Pyros (allowed/limited)
    • Bio BBs (required/optional)

What’s next?

  • Dedicated search page with advanced filtering based on already existing attributes
  • Display the latest three site additions on the homepage to facilitate discovery
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9 hours ago, Cannonfodder said:

Looks good. Would it be possible to put links up to site's websites on the map? 


I've had this in mind early on, but I am not convinced this is beneficial to the players for a couple of reasons:

  • not every site has a website, Facebook page, etc
  • if they do, most of them don’t give players any info or even a description of what to expect
  • if they do, it’s often hard to find between the fluff and broken layouts
  • if it’s not hard to find, it’s often out of date

If you find a site on the map, chances are you will find more info on its location page on PlayAirsoft than on its OG homepage. If you want to book, enquire or visit their website, the call to actions are clearly displayed (where available).


This is supposed to save people anywhere between one to several clicks and in some cases a lot of time. You’re free to feast your eyeballs on outdated info and gruesome website design any time, my friend.


I realise location pages are missing crucial info such as pictures, but that’s in the pipeline too. Unfortunately, I will have to create a new backend for this purpose, because with its current setup I’d have to pay quite high hosting costs for image storage and bandwidth.

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Cheers Shadow! I'll chuck some coins over on payday.


I wonder if a small tweak to the "Suggest a Site" CTA could help with uptake and frequency of new sites being uploaded:




My thoughts being that new Sites being added to the database can only be a good thing, and would kick up uptake of the site in turn.


E: You could also use something like AppCues to highlight the CTA early on.

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