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Modified Evo Package

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Asg evo smg, atek body kit, zhukov stock, yeti wurks mag release, asg cnc short stroke trigger, billet alloy fire selectors. Internally,  2020 spec gearbox and ecu/mosfet, asg m170 piston,  asg aluminium pistol head, asg mp5 cylinder, asg blue cylinder head, asg ultimate gear set, short stroked, asg ultimate infinity 30k motor, madbull steel tightbore barrel, prometheus purple hop rubber and asg cnc hop unit, ball bearing spring guide and upgraded spring. 11 mid cap mags with speedpull's, 2 11.1v lipos, 1 off full metal silencer, asg carry bag. (Vortex not included, nor is the front thumb rest) all work done by airsoftparts.online.  What sort of money do we think?










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Hi @Raven1

Doesn't look like anyone wants to jump in here.

Going by what I see and your description,I would expect to see it in classifieds for 350-400 pounds. I may be wildly wrong but that what I would pay for it.

I'm not up on mods and what they cost to do.

Having all those mags is a good selling point.

Good luck🤞


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