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Anyone Have King Arms Svd Review?

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I had one for a time; the hop arm has a lot of lateral movement and the whole hop assembly is somewhat fragile and very difficult to get spares for.

Other than that, it is ok; not great, not awful, just ok.

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3 hours ago, DerDer said:

You have Cyma at one end and Real Sword at the other. The King Arms seems to be overlooked.

LCT are supposedly releasing a SVD at some stage, might be worth waiting for? 


it does seem to be weirdly polarised the svd market.


you've got the cheaper versions in KA/cyma, then the expensive versions in WE (by the time you buy mags) and RS and nothing in the middle.


as much as i'm not a fan of lct these days, it would certainly be good if they could fill that gap.


such a shame as for dmr purposes the svd is thoroughly under-represented despite being bloody good (surprise surprise the gun that invented the dmr concept is a good dmr)


to answer the op's question a mate of mine has what we think is a king arms svd (the para model), if it is then @colinjallen's assessment seems pretty much bang on the money. however i'd probably look at cyma given you're more likely to be able to get bits for it.

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