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Tm 416d Ngrs Missfeed, Very Low FPS 80fps and No Recoil

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Just bought a used 416D NGRS. was told the recoil was broken but the rest was good.  Not the case. I am a technical type of person but have not worked on airsoft guns before.  My problem is finding out whats wrong without taking apart the gearbox.. 

Question one. Does the gun function if the NGRS does not work? 

Question2: The Gaspiston thing on the outerbarrel. Is it connected to somtehing ? Or does it just enhance the recoil?



Pic 2,3,4,5  shows the gearbox with the NGRS thing  I dont know what to look for to se if anything is broken but the parts move freely and smooth




Question 3   The littel gismo that is on the back of teh recoil thing (part 416-26) has a chip in it, but it stays on when i fire the rifle




More pics :





Question  5:


The one thing i have found that i think might be fawlty is the nozzle. When i shoot semi the nosel does not come back to the same position. Its  a couple of mm off every other shot.... I got a youtube video showing the problem


 Nozzle movment video (youtube)


The 416 sounds a bit wrong on auto also


funny sounding auto



OK that was a lot of questions and a lot of pics  but i need som serious help.

Im in Norway so there is not a lot of techs around 



Thx in advance.


Otto Ødegård


PS how does i take of the big nut without a special tool?  The one that holds the butstock on?

PPS Sorry for not knowing the  name of al the parts . The only exploded parst view i have found is not in english

542697728_Partslist416D2.thumb.JPG.7cf584d9719e11c79da10c13beb67361.JPG 1476710017_Partslist416D1.thumb.JPG.562fbeb4022cdddf6bdbafeba4454612.JPG










417-6 Gaspiston 2.jpg

2021-03-25 19.43.14.jpg

buffertube lock.jpg

Hop Up 1.jpg

Hopop plate.jpg


Oil and greas.jpg



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Firstly matey who did you buy this off and did they mention those faults before you bought it? It’s totally unacceptable if the seller sold you any rifle and didn’t tell you. I’d have not opened it up and demanded a refund! Period. 

Having said that all is not lost. The recoil platform is very simple to work on. 

Q1 - the recoil mechanism has  a number of components. The main recoil unit is in the buffer. This is what gives you the recoil. On top of the receiver you have the dust cover recoil affect. This does not affect the main recoil. It’s there for immersion and looks. From your pics you have a spring missing. This is my 416’s charging handle recoil unit. See the difference? 







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The way the top recoil works is via the piston. You’ll see a gap at the back of the gearbox. This is where the hook of the upper recoil unit goes into and when the piston Is pulled back so is the top recoil unit. It’s a clever and effective mechanism. 

I’m actually taking my 416 apart this weekend as I’m upgrading it. I’ll take pics if I can. However from your video that clanking sound ain’t right. Take the buffer tube off and show me the spring guide. Also does your spring come out without you taking the gearbox apart. If it does this means the spring has more than likely been upgraded. The clanking sound may be the piston head is loose from the piston. This can happen if the person who did the upgrade didn’t screw it back to the piston properly. 

Also check out the Eagle6 disassembly videos. They are really good. Also Dave’s custom does a great video too and also Kingdom of Airsoft. 

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Stock gearbox 




Don’t lose that tiny spring it’s for the bolt stop mechanism 


You can see the gearbox and the stock spring. The spring is screwed into the piston. Check your piston head isn’t loose. 



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@SgtO2 I can’t see clearly but I thing the nozzle is incorrectly located, there is a little notch in the end of the nozzle and this has to point downwards/toward the magazine.


Post a better pic of the nozzle.

I saw this advertised as having a hop/feed issue.


If what I have suggested is the fault then you will have to strip down the gearbox to remedy it.

So you may want to have a word with the seller first.



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4 hours ago, rj1986 said:

@AlphaBear Save having to start a new thread - do you know the size of the star washer for the recoil bar?



It's a starlock washer I do believe... I'm afraid I don't know the size... Probably best to measure the recoil bar with callipers and then buying a pack..... however it's not essential for the recoil bar truth be told... It's an easy one to lose too... I'm sure it's missing from one of my recoils too...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi again. Sorry for not posting in a while but we have the longest Easter hollyday in the world here in Norway 😊  And i have tried to contact the seller but no luck  

 I think the nozzle is the right way but ill post some pic’s.  Next on the agenda is removing the buffer tube to see if the spring is loose.  Can i do that without removing the deans? Do i need a special tool to remove the large Nut or is a wrench OK?










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I can’t really tell if the nozzle is fine. It does look a bit battered though. I’ll post a picture of a Marui nozzle later today. 

To remove the buffer tube but you need a correct wrench. Don’t use a normal wrench as you will ruin the nut. You can also unscrew the buffer tube without taking the deans off but and this is a big but you have to do it carefully so that the barrel nut does not cut the wires when you unscrew it. I suggest looking at the Eagle 6 videos first. 

They show how to disassemble a Marui recoil SOPMOD. 


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This is what a stock Marui nozzle looks like. And the first photo shows a small indent at the bottom of the nozzle head. This must be facing downwards towards the gearbox. 

Your nozzle is attached correctly. In fact it’s difficult to get that wrong to be honest as it’s clicks into the tappet plate. 



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