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Matty Bea

New to the forums

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I must admit that the use of Airsofting forums has been not top of my agenda over the years but since most of the chaps I used to shoot with have moved on or don't wish to admit they enjoy shooting vast amounts of plastics in the direction of other people anymore Ive decided that I need equally deranged minds to validate my lust for such things and so this Forum business would seem in ample stock for what I require.


I have all sorts of Weapons and kit and have probably been inside most modern AEGs, GBBs and springers (no jokes please!) and so can give advice on best practice.


Most popular bits of kit owned and sold on but I retain a few fancies such as Modern Gucci Multicam loadouts mostly made up but I do have the Full Future warrior loadout from GRAW.....remember that game? Still worth a play now days!


Anyway just a long winded hello and a hope to be violated by your various witty antics.




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Welcome to the forums, could do with a few more regualars :)

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