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Weekend Warrior Airsoft - Anyone Ordered From Here Recently?

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Hi all,


Considering ordering some bits from Weekend Warrior, but I'm wondering if anyone has recently ordered from them. 


There's a couple of things that seem a little off...


Their website URL is 'WeekendWarriorsAirsoft' not 'WeekendWarriorAirsoft', and their logo and copyright info is 'WeekendWarrior'.

In addition to this, when I messaged them on Facebook, their automatic reply states that they're only selling by email/messenger just now due to COVID - not via the website. 

The website doesn't state anything to that effect, which makes me wonder if something isn't quite right there. 


Anyone able to clear this up for me?

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59 minutes ago, smoorenator said:

well i just tried the website and my anti virus warned me of a potential security risk

WeekendWarriorAirsoft redirects to the content on WeekendWarriorsAirsoft, but uses the original URL. 

The domain listed on the SSL cert is WeekendWarriorsAirsoft.co.uk, and as they haven't added WeekendWarriorAirsoft.co.uk as a SAN (subject alternative name) on the certificate it'll throw an SSL error. 


Yeah, I deal with this crap 5 days a week... 😂

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13 hours ago, AarronsDad said:

I ordered my rifle from them just before Christmas, great service and delivery times. Ive been chatting to him on and off since then, decent guy and very helpful. 

Awesome, thanks!


Welcome to the sport by the way! Give me a shout if you ever make it up to Scotland for some pew pew. :)

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