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Last week i sent my SA E11 off to the cage to have a Perun Mosfet fitted and barrel refitted. The gun came back today and they have done a crazy good job, the wiring is better in the stock, the gun shoots how i wanted it to. They listened to what i had to say and gave me good updates. The gun shoots and feels like a dream now. Trigger response is almost as good as it gets and the active breaking fixed my big gripe that the semi didnt always do full cycles. I had them re install a new barrel and hop becuase i messed it up trying to do it myself. I nicked the bucking on the install i did they advised me to get a harder bucking of the same model and after testing it i can see why. They also fixed my fps issue, last month i installed springs and got lower fps than expected just chronoed the gun and its shooting the correct fps. Would Highly reccomend them for anyone who needs mosfets or any tech work done.



Gun shoots just how i want it now. Its gonna be tough waiting for the lockdown to end and let me skirmish it i cant wait.


Brilliant service would highly reccomend 👍



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