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Se Tour End of Year Review (2020 - Year of the Covid)

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I still go to TWA as I like the grounds and Marshals (and its very local). Yes it's a bit rundown but they struggle to develop the site due to frequent arson. However I did chuckle at the "Spray n' Pray" award. For my first few years in airsoft I only ever when there and as such couldn't fathom how anyone would ever use a GBBR with 30 round mags in a skirmish. Most of the games are "How quickly can you push through the hail of BB's"


Really need to get to Dogtag soon.

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Very helpful guide here, clearly a lot of work (and mileage) have gone into this and I must say having played at plantation it’s clearly accurate too.


Ill definitely be paying a visit to several sites in the new year off the back of this and possibly avoiding some too! 

Many thanks for putting all the effort in! 



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On 20/12/2020 at 16:17, Asomodai said:

I am also hopefully making a return to the South West to clean up some of the sites I missed near Bristol such as Black Ops Cribbs and HMP Gloucester. We are running out of sites in the SE to visit... 


i really want to go back to HMP Gloucester, it was the first airsoft site I ever played back in February of this year, my brother having finally twisted my arm to giving airsoft a try....   and I was immediately hooked, lol  (this time though i will make sure to have a torch on my gun...  plenty of dark areas inside the prison as I recall)

and if you move a bit further north, I can highly recommend giving RIFT a try, especially their redcon 2 site in Abingdon.

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