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Eagle 6 L9 Ngrs M4

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Looking for a price on this. Unfortunately due to COVID, breaking my wrist and some other bits this is no longer financially and ergonomically viable for me to use.


Ordered in January, picked up early March. Has been used to marshal/test shot a few games inbetween the two lock downs, so probably about 1000rds through it at most. Front wired with a custom outer barrel. Internal Upgrades listed in photo.


Included (everything in photo)


AG warden with brake style muzzle.

9" custom milled barrel with 8" BCM mlok handguard.

BCM mlok QD socket.

Repro DBAL i2.

Magpul MVG mlok.

Repro Eotech.

Magpul SL-K stock.



4x Genuine NGRS Magazines

2x 1300mah Giant Power 7.4v lipo


Acetech Charger

All the internal spares and some external spares from the stock.





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Tough one again to appraise.


Firstly ouch about your wrist.... Damn that must have bloody hurt!!!


Now going back to the task at hand (pardon the pun), there are two schools of thought. Either try and sell as a compete package so 60-70% of total value. That may be more difficult to shift. Or part the rifle with the bare minimum which is one mag and sell the other accessories separately at 60%-70%. A bit of a ball ache but it’s another option. 

Bloody pucker build by the way!!!

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In my experience, anything more than £750 in airsoft is very tricky to shift. You need to find someone who is about to drop the cash on exactly the spec you paid for to make it worth their while.

This is very unlikely, particularly this close to Christmas.


As @AlphaBear has already said, split it into the maximum number of bits you can, and price at 65%.


Dont forget, you can’t just add the price of all the additions and mods to the gun, you have to take off the price of all the standard parts that you aren’t including, or at least 65% of Eagle6’s price for the parts.


GLWS, nice bit of kit for an AEG

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