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Motor Dimensions

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I recently purchased a Lancer tactical nightwing from a boneyard


after correcting the AOE and fixing the wobbly stock I was going to change the motor out for a High torque I had spare


It didn't fit, the motor was too fat compared to the stock lancer one, I'd say about 4mm wider


does anyone know any slimmer high torque motors as I've never had this problem before



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Which is the current motor you are trying to fit?  Find the ASG motors a bit chunkier than other brands. 

For example the Tienly equivalent was small enough to fit in a motor cage where an ASG couldn't. 

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Alternative is to try another pistol grip

Only sometimes some grips are worse than others/stock grip


I don't normally advise changing grips if you can help it

Some cheapo Magpul ones are really bad for increasing motor whine

But on your case you might to consider it if STD grip is a bit tight

Or kinda bespoke


4mm is a bit tight though...


You tried the motor only in bare grip ???

It might be how you are routing the wires


Apart from different grips effecting motor angle

Some grips are tighter/looser in how they slip over bottom of V2 box

As well as how much room inside the grip

Also on top of that the motor entry point can be bigger/smaller

Some so tight certain pinions can be a squeeze to get through

And motor tower, the sleeve on long motors can vary a little also


All of this adds up, some can really sloppy and some insanely tight


Hence if the std grip is OK then I tend to keep it

(Than run into more problems switching it out for looks)


But as said in your case, I'd try bare motor in grip

No wires and see how it fits

If that works, see how the wire is routed


Some guns have a wire run down both sides of motor

Others the red, enters grip at front

BUT crosses over to rear where black is

Then BOTH run down back of motor on some guns


But this will req a bit more wire length on red positive wire

Some guns have this & others don't

Seen both examples on a G&G Combat Machine


Usually it is a wire either side running down grip on a number of M4's

But some recommend running red back to grip then both down to motor connection to produce a better motor angle they say


But to do this will mean the red wire is a little longer to achieve this


If your red wire has extra slack on it

Then it might be initially wired to run both wires at back


Take off grip, have a play with motor & see if you can work it out

Might be able to remove a whisker of material

Or just rout the wires more carefully so that is all squeezes in there ok


Yes motors can vary a little in thickness

Even the exact position on the pinion can alter

 It usually they are within some tolerance

Though I have some armatures sit a bit low on shaft

And pinion then sits quite high

(or vice versa)


Some motors say in V3 motor cages can be tight/loose

But 4mm is a big difference

Might want to invest in a caliper to measure stuff

Like shims, battery space, just loads of stuff than guess it


If try the motor in grip only and see how it goes



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