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Gg Predator Battery

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Hi guys got a question im buying g&g predator. Im looking for the battery for it and the recommended one is almost impossible to get im kinda new so I have no idea what battery I can use instead. Any help please???

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3 hours ago, Trix said:

Cheers for that but I think I was too slow as its out of stock. Any other shops? 


Here you go...again:



Failing that:



Or (use code AAPOST in the order comments for free postage):



Or even (never used the company so use at your own risk but appears to Patrolbase's recommended LiPo for the G&G Predator) :



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1 minute ago, Trix said:

Oh OK as Im new and it was saying recommended battery 15c if I'll get 20 or more is that gonna be bad? 

No, higher C rating is good.

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