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Aps Cam870 Smart Shells + Madbull XCo2 Help Needed

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Hi all, I've been trying to gas up the smart shells for my cam870, but I'm having no luck with this set up. I can gas them just fine using green gas but it doesn't matter how hard I press/hold or what angle I try, the co2 charger won't work. Might also be useful to note that the pressure in the xco2 charger went up straight to 900/1000psi, as soon as I screwed it on to the 88g co2 bulb (yes this was with the adjuster out), and won't go down no matter how much I undo/completely remove the adjuster, when it's supposed to actually start at 0 psi give or take, and increase with the adjuster wheel turning. It doesn't leak when left alone. Hope somebody can help me (I don't know if it was working before because this was bought second hand, but seller says it was.) Thanks in advance! 

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Any ideas anyone? I'm going to try printing a aligning device since people have had similar issues in the past but I'm not confident that will fix it.

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