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Prime Airsoft Tech: AEG Tech Based in North West England

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If you're looking for any airsoft tech work such as servicing, repairs, upgrades, or custom builds, then send me an email or Facebook message.


Email: [email protected]



Having worked on many airsoft replicas - from DSGs to DMRs - I believe from my experience that the best tech work doesn't come down to picking the best and most expensive parts, but rather, it comes from selecting the most appropriate part for the build, budget, and making sure the parts are assembled carefully and well.


I'm happy to discuss your goals for any build, and can tailor your replica to meet your needs and budget, including:


- High-speed AEG builds

- Trigger-response builds

- Semi-locked DMRs

- Spring Bolt Action Sniper Rifles


With PRIME Airsoft Tech, you're getting a technician who is a Physics graduate with a background in electronics that is committed to keeping waiting times short, communication channels open, and striving for the highest standard of honesty and integrity.


If you're in need of tech work, get in touch by email or Facebook message.


Thank you for reading.

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After reading this post i contacted Max to do some work on my VFC 416 AEG, i have to say that i'm massively impressed with the service i received and i would thoroughly recommend him.


Prior to this i'd spoken to a number of different techs, inc. at established stores, no one really seemed too interested in conducting the work I wanted, and advising me on the best outcomes.  The conversation with Max was easy, he listened to my ideas and suggested different ways to achieve my goal.  We settled on a build and agreed some areas where additional work could/should be conducted once the gear box was opened, particularly i wanted to eliminate some of the known VFC weak points, cylinder, tappet plate etc.  Communication throughout the work/build was exceptional, Max provided sound advice that went way above and beyond my limited tech experience.


The VFC is my only AEG and was my first RIF a number of years ago, its served me well, but needed some tlc, i wanted a 'bomb proof' gearbox build emphasising trigger response.  Key work :


- Cleaned & serviced.

- Re-shimmed with high speed gears, short stroked.

- Gate warfet and wiring inc. modifying the gearbox shell.

- Retro arms trigger inc. required adjustments and modifications.

- Replaced tappet plate, piston/compression assembly, alu nozzle, spring.

- Gearbox radius.

- New high torque motor.

- AOE correction.


I got max to do some other stuff too like re-wiring my batteries to Deans etc. and play around with a ProWin hop and barrel that i couldn't get working.


We agreed 6 hour labour, parts were at cost.


I appreciate you can go to great lengths with components to get crazy DSG builds etc, but for me this was all about balance, the improvement in performance on the VFC is crazy good, the build feels robust and for my needs its perfect at a good price point.


Cheers Max, appreciate all your efforts!  

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