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Hi there looking for a gun advice?

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Hi there


im new to thiss but had a go with my mates gas b b gun and it was great. So looking for a gun of my own, any ideas, tips etc are appreciated.


Saw the HG-170 blow back gun looked quite good. Any good for a begiiner.



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only advice i can give is see a few guns ,use a few, then make your mind up and purchase.

look for well made,reliable guns,as a pain in the arse gun will downhearten you.

dont buy on impulse the 1st thing you see. there relatively expensive ,and you dont want to buy a gun you wont use,or sell to finally get the ones you want. pick 1st-then seek.


also depends if you want a huge armoury for use or show,or 1 or 2 guns kitted nicely,to use.

its very hard to resist collecting your favs,as i have found out.


but i will use em all,and wont buy anything i dont want,just cos its cheap or avail..


dont rush,and youll make the right purchases, welcome and good luck seeking.

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The HG-170 is a pistol by the looks of things.


If you just want to plink in the back garden or down a range, it'd probably do the trick, but for skirmishing you need an AEG really, at least as a beginner.


My advice would be to get some sort of M4 or AK47 variant; most sites used them as rentals, so as a result there's usually someone around who can fix them on-site. They're also both easy to part-swap from IF to RIF once you have a valid defense or exemption from the VCRA (which you can find more about under the legal section of this forum).


If you get the right brands, they come out the box fairly decent, have plenty of magazines and accessories available and won't die too easily. Personally, of the two, I'd recommend an AK, I've had tons, and provided you don't screw around with them too much, they're total workhorses.


Because you're new to airsoft, you probably, if not definitely need a two-tone or IF, a lot of places stock these, and those that don't will often paint a gun for you so it's compliant.


Here's a few links for you to browse through:


Fire-Support CA Sportline - Reputable well made known-brand AEG's, starter packages available with everything you need; battery, chargers, glasses etc. They don't sell many two-tone or IF, but they WILL spray.


Airsoftworld.net - Two Tone section - Decent selection of two-tones, you want to sort them by price going from highest to lowest, and stop thinking about their AEG's when you hit about £130, the only ones they have cheaper aren't worth having.


Actionhobbies.co.uk - Two Tone AEG section - Again, a decent selection of two tone AEG's, all of these are pretty decent to go out the box, and typically ActionHobbies give you a pretty good blurb for each gun.


Hope that's been of help, welcome to one of the best sports (if not THE best) on the planet :D

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