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Mtw Owners With an Inferno (Either Generation) - Your Assistance Is Requested

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Hi All,


I am trying to diagnose some issues with my Wolverine MTW with a Reaper Gen2 HPA engine.

Attached to this post is a measurement from a Reaper Gen2 MTW edition.


I am asking if anyone who has an Inferno Gen1 or Gen2 MTW Edition could take the same measurement for me please.


The picture should explain the measurement nicely but for clarity - the measurement is from the front edge of the groove to the front edge of the engine housing.


I am aware this measurement SHOULD be the same for the Inferno, this is the point I am trying to prove or disprove.





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Hi LukeB,


Thanks for your response - exactly what I was looking for.

How are you finding your MTW? Have you changed your stock hop unit?


I'm still interested to see the same measurement from other people!



Alex 2

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