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New Member. Hopes to Get a Game This Year!

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Probably not the best time to start a new hobbie that involves leaving the house but hey ho.


I live in Derby, so have a few sites near by that I'll hopefully be able to get my UKARA through.


The amount of guns and kit available is really impressive so I've been doing lots of research (which I oddly enjoy) into brands and types of kit.


The TM VSR 10 G-Spec keeps on catching my eye! I know I probably shouldn't and have read that sniping isn't the best thing to start with but it's what I've always enjoyed, plus the scope from my lovely Weinrach air rifle wouldnt look a miss on it.


I'll not be buying anything for a while though 


A few of my friends skirmish quite a lot, or atleast did before the lockdown, so I've got a few different Assault, SMG's and Shotguns to try along the way.


Hopefully I'll get chance to try it out this year!


All the best!


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Welcome :)


On the plus side, there is now plenty of time to do research before spending money on any impulse buys.

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wasnt sure which emoji to use so laugh it was....kinda wanted to merge a few:lol:

even impulse buying can be restricted at the moment with some things still out of stock!......i tried!

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Lol, I must have gotten lucky then, or bought utter crap! A box from Patrolbase may have turned up yesterday!


A month or so a go I had the opportunity to borrow a few .177 pellet pistols from a good friend at work. 


Amongst them was a Walther P99, the same pistol my mate had in our early teens and an awesome Colt revolver! This started the niggling desire to spend!


I sent a few photos of the pistols to my mates who Airsoft (which made them all giddy with excitement), to which they sent me photos of their kit etc.


So I started looking for a pistol that I could use mainly for plinking and Airsoft if I wanted to. After waivering over a snub nose revolver for a while I inst as opted for a 1911. (I will get a revolver as it was just fun to use). 


I would have loved to get the TM 1911 Government edition but couldn't really justify the price for a first pistol and couldn't bare the thought of having such a nice looking gun two toned.


So after watching YouTube reviews and doing a fair bit of reading and comparisons I opted for the Raven MEU 1911 gas blowback. It came in at £89.99 with the two tone. A price I was happy with. It's probably not the best gun, but hopefully not the worst either. I managed a short go with it yesterday it seemed pretty decent.


Pictures to follow later.

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