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King Arms Single Action Army Saa Peacemaker

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Make: King Arms

Model: SAA

Mag capacity: 6

FPS: Sub 350, gas dependent


I like my western stuff. I'm giving this a review, as it is standard. 

This arrived today, for all intents and purposes it is new. 

I have an ASG Schofield, which I am using as the benchmark, the gold standard, if you will. 


Build quality: 5/10

There's more slop in this than there is in the Schofield which has had a few thousand shots through it. I may end up stripping, cleaning, shimming, and polishing the action of this to get it to where it needs to be. The action isn't as smooth as you would expect either.


I'm not sure I like the case hardened type finish, though the wood grips are well executed.


Shooting: 2/10

Revised to 4/10

Honestly, it's very poor. The effective range of this SAA is 10 meters. There's no hop, and there's a shotgun like spread of inaccuracy. This is likely down to the shells being contaminated with grease from the factory, but I am reviewing this as it comes.

*having cleaned the barrel and the shells, which were coated in film, it's accuracy is reasonable. Still let down by the lack of hop, which is prevalent amongst most revolvers especially any made by wingun, Schofield included.

However, the action and the trigger are no match for its rival. 

Reloading, well that's just like the real one. You're not reloading this quickly. That's not a problem, it's just what it is. Open the gate, slide each shell out individually, and repeat the process to load.


I'm going to leave it there for now. Once some tinkering has occured, and a hop added, I'll be happy to update.


But as it is, I can't really reccomend one as a skirmish gun at all.


















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