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Doodling / Sketching Thread

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Sadly I don't sketch as much as i used to, but most of my work pads have guns, tanks, planes, soldiers, dinosaurs, snakes, storm troopers, Boba Fett, star wars and star trek ships, Xenomorphs and predators all over them :rolleyes:


I thought maybe a thread for some arty stuff might be nice - we have that photoshop thread though this might be slightly different. Upload stuff you've done yourself or something that caught your eye on the web.


Found a bunch of folded pieces of paper with some doodles inside one of my old work pads.. I think these were all from around 2011-2012 during my night shifts at an FX brokerage i worked for.



I used to a lot of gun mashups, either free hand/improvised or combined stuff... the top one below is terrible 😅, sort of an HK/SIG mashup by the looks of it. 







I used to play a lot of Battlefield 3 and for some reason the KH2002 turned into my most used primary until its burst got nerfed in a patch (that was a sad day for me)

I remember printing the game avatar out on some a4 paper and then redesigning it to be more modern and ergonomic.




So i took that home and on MS paint made a few variations of my what i had drawn:

Ended up feeling a little like the Croation VHS2 (a gun I would love to see come to airsoft!)





I remember doing an ACR in bullpup configuration which I was really pleased with which I will have a scrounge around for at some point and put it up here.

The funny thing about that is a couple years later Desert Tech in the real steel world came out with the MDR which looked exactly like what I had drawn - they totally stole my design :lol:

Actually the MDR is another rifle I would like to see in airsoft.


But yeah maybe i'll start uploading stuff as i find it - others welcome too ofc!

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Here's the few I can easily find on my phone. Normally draw comic type stuff





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