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Gg Cm16 Mod0 - Broken. Please Help!

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Hi guys,


so i have a bit of a problem with my G&G CM16 Mod0 (30th anniversary model)


I bought this second hand last year, and its been running fine for what it is. At my last game about 6 weeks ago it started acting up right near the end of the game, not always firing when i pulled the trigger. Thought it was just the battery running low, or maybe because it was a freezing cold night game outdoors! So i switched to my sidearm for the last game and thought nothing more of it.


I just got a new sight through the post, so went into the back garden to zero it, put in freshly charged battery... nothing. Every now and then the motor sounds like its engaging slightly but doesn't fire. Then it will rattle off a few shots in either single or auto, then nothing again.


I've checked the fuse, seems fine. 


I've taken the motor out, and did a low down and dirty check with the battery connected up directly and the motor spins. Question is - when i turn the motor output cog by hand, it feels really notchy - like it is worn into grooves. is this normal? 


I'm now kind of at a loss and don't know what to check next - any suggestions? Is it worth me sending it into my local shop to get them to take it apart and check the gearbox and upgrade it at the same time (and maybe fit a mosfet) - or simply buy a new rifle?....



Any help is greatly appreciated guys.






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The motor feeling 'notchy' is normal as long as it doesn't make any kind of grinding noise. (Its the magnets holding onto the coils as then go around.  This shows its a strong motor)


Diagnosing the problem will involve opening it up.  Have a go yourself if you want to learn how to do it or send it in if you don't want to 'risk' it.

Doing a youtube search will likely find a video showing how to disassemble your particular model.

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over a year old and intermettent firing with no other changes feels like it could be gunked up/burnt out contacts. certainly it's one of the reasons to consider a mosfet is to avoid such an issue.


notchy feeling to the motor is fine, as edcase says.


fixing/properly diagnosing it is going to take pulling the gearbox apart, it's up to you if you feel confident enough to do it yourself or if you'd rather pay a tech do it.


personally i follow the philosophy of "i have broken thing, if i try to fix this thing myself the worst case scenario is thing still doesn't work, so i have to pay someone to look at it anyway, best case scenario thing is fixed and i've learned something"


there's plenty of guides on youtube and forums (including basically every post by sitting duck on here) will get you through the dissassembly and reassembly process.

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