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Maxx me pro hop up problems

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I’ve just put maxx me hop up in my krytac but it’s not shooting properly or feeding properly any solutions 

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Go back to Krytac hop ???


The issue is some hops don't like some guns

Also some bucking installs the hop bucking can get pinched/squished or the actual lips protrude into hop unit feedwell, then lips catch on bb, fold over and bb's don't pass through the lips to make into into position under nub etc...


To simply say I installed this and it don't work is almost like asking for next week's lottery numbers

 Remove hop barrel assembly...

Look into feedwell see if you see any bucking that might foul

Drop a BB in there - does it drop in ok or catch on lips


Then see if you can lightly push the BB through the lips carefully with a thin stick jam rod or something like the nozzle pushes it through

If you feel resistance, more that just a slight resistance the bucking is pinched and though it might not seem ultra bad, a pinched bucking or tight opening will restrict the bb's chambering into barrel


It is a classic problem, madbull bollox that works for some instances but not for every gun


But my mate....


We'll get your mate to install it


But it works for his gun


You got same gun, same mags same bucking etc...


Well no...


There you go then and even if everything matched a bad install is a bad install plus the ever so slight risk of something lemony occurring can't be ruled out


Hence sometimes shit works and sometimes it don't


If all else fails you go back to stock, rebuild new assembly and try again

(Wise to leave old stock hop/barrel/bucking as is

Fuck about with new crap and go back to old stock stuff (still intact) if all else fails


There is a hop tutorial by bingo works or something which might help test/identify something's but then again sometimes shit still may not work without a lot of paracetamol and still not guaranteed


For instance some bucking's really don't like some hops or vice versa coz stuff can get pinched or a bitch to install. This hop/bucking/barrel combo can be just as challenging as any gearbox


But there's only 3 parts - yeah and what fun just those 3 parts can give you if they don't want to cooperate


Best of luck



Making me talk more bollocks than usual soz for typos or crap


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what bucking too, slightly longer feed lips on the bucking will give you feeding issues, or as duck said the krytac might just be one of those platforms that the MAXX doesn't sit well in.

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Remove the little spring that sits in the base of the inlet hole. It's the part that stops bbs falling out. Had to remove many to get these hop units to feed correctly in rifs from aeg to hpa. As for it not shooting correctly , it could be down to this part as well. Remove it and see what happens ;) . I assume you have dropped a bb in to see if it drops straight through and sits on the lips then with gentle push , just push the bbs through the bucking to see if it drops out the other end of the barrel.

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