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Tokyo Marui Glock 19/Tm G19 Upgrade! Compatibility! Notes!

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I have G19 project in my head,

I built/had a loads of Rif [P226,M9A1,Hi-Capa,TmMws and few Vsr10 but this will be my first Glock.

I'll be honest I was never interested in G-series ,but now I think I got the G-Booom!

As you know guys few days ago came out the new Guarder project a Complete Frame Set for Tm G19 ,looks good it's  worth a try!

But....I will use a Nova slide set (Slide+compensator+outer barrel,BBU+nozzle) and have some problem with the Hopup Unit because haven't got...no aftermaket..nobody sell 

I think not an option to make some dodgy mofication or incrase the cost with a new Tm G19 so if somebody have a good idea or a hop unit feel free to text me!



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Stock hop unit is sound. Lifts 28’s easy. 

I know G17 slide releases fit, and slide locks. I recently fit Guns Modify ones and works a a charm. 


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Finally I bought the TM one for base ,now its 50% done .

Thanks for the Infos!

Part list

- Cow Cow guide rod set (150% spring)

- Gunsmodify adjustable trigger

- Guarder trigger bar

- Poseidon Ice Pick nozzle valve

- ML 50° bucking

- Nineball gas router

Chapter 2 is on the way from HK

- Nova Lk-Ug slide set

- ML Czjet 97x6.01mm

- Gunsmodify zero hammer set ver.2017




And a short video about the springs:


The guide spring is absolutly fantastic with the short stroke buffers but, the hammer spring makes the trigger too thick for me, the gas efficiency is fine ,so theres nothing justfy its necessery

Finally I changed back.

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