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How much is it worth? Ares L85 carbine

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Hi guys, need some help valuing my Ares L85 carbine AEG.


Bought the bare frame recently for £90 (no scratches or wear to body) almost like new.


Bought a brand new gearbox, stainless steel Ares cylinder head and nozzle from Asia Airsoft for about £100 incl. Postage. Checked shimming, change piston O-ring (wasn't sealing out of the box), and installed cylinder head and nozzle.


Rewired to 16AWG silicone wiring and installed a Gate nano Mosfet (around £30ish)


Installed maple leaf macaron and omega nub I had lying around.


Plus time and effort for getting her upto spec again.


Firing consistently at 340fps dev. 3fps.


So all in all I'm in it around £235, but you can pick up a used L85 for around that price or even cheaper, but as this is practically brand new with some nice additions, it's firing very very nice now.


Just wanted to get your views on what sorta price is good for this.


Thanks for reading.





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Lovely gun dude. Shame to sell but I think realistically even though it's "like new" there is no warranty with it and it is effectively pre-owned regardless to the amount of use it has had.


If it were me selling it, I'd probably price it near if not just below the "other" L85's for sale but take a touch less to sell it quickly being as it is essentially a bit of a frankenbuild and new ICS ones are only £300.

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Thanks for your comment @Steveocee.


Although it appears to be a bit of a frankenbuild, the gun frame is all Ares, and as I say earlier, the gearbox is also Ares, along with the upgraded cylinder head and nozzle.


Now I personally don't like Ares guns out of the box as they don't perform well, as I found out with the non-compression on the cylinder of the new gearbox for this, but I think that Ares do make good guns cosmetically, and they are generally built with good materials and are quite sturdy.


But with any Ares guns I get, I always mod/ tweak them so they're running how they should be


I see why people generally go for ICS, as they perform quite well right out of the box, but as I said with this L85, it's a nice build that now shoots as good as, if not better than the ICS counterpart.


Oh and the stock hop unit on the Ares L85 is plastic garbage btw lol.

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