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G&P M4 RAS Commando Kit Compability

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So I bought the cool KAC RAS from the listing seen below, and well I'm having trouble with fitting it on all of my three receivers with those being G&G CM16, G&P M733 and G&P M4 SOCOM. The problem is that the rail does not screw on straight when it is threaded all the way so that it is not loose, when it is lined up properly (significantly between 5-10 degress to the left/right with the receiver then it is loose enough to be rotated by just moving the whole gun. I thought the solution would be to use the gas tube to lock it in place however that is also not the correct fix as the barrel nut is not actually set straight within the rail itself (the hole through which the gas tube should go is not at 90 degrees which means that when it is set in the position to allow the gas tube to go through the rail and the receiver, the rail again is not lined up and ends up off to the side. I would understand this being an issue on the CM16 receiver but even on G&P receivers? According to the description on fire-support the receiver is meant for TM & PTW receivers so would it mean that it is to be mounted on only them? I've also asked the same question to the guys from fire-support and they responded saying that I need to get some shims.


Could you guys advise?


You can actually see the nut misalignment in the rail on the picture in the advert






The pictures are in order; SOCOM, M733 and CM16 with full thread


EDIT: I just looked up their website and it only states "For Marui M16" so I guess that is my answer...








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I don't suppose there are there any threaded channels for grub screws inside the large threaded nut itself that can be used to hold it in place when you have it straight on the second to last rotation?


But I do understand what FS are saying about shimming it, that could work. I would probably do a similar thing though with a glue gun or another easily removable adhesive, partially filling the last thread, and testing, do that until the thread is filled to the the point that the rail lines up correctly with the receiver. Once you have that area on the thread marked, remove the glue and put a bead of apoxy in instead. 

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