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Short trigger pull

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Is there any major issues of having a short trigger pull tech wise and please don’t say being a douche 

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On what???


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The major issues of a short trigger pull is being a douche 

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Ultra Hairline trigger - tricky to do mechanically with traditional trigger switch


Reduced trigger pull a bit easier where you take up some of the slack

An example of a sloppy trigger is a worn 2 part trigger in AK or G36

(or more so in say a L85, UAR etc... where linkage exists)


Ultra Hairline with flat trigger I don't personally like

Actually prefer reg curved M4 trigger or slightly curved trigger to perfectly flat operator trigger

Might look good but ergonomically I prefer reg M4 trigger myself


I like a slightly reduce non sloppy trigger, bit of moderate travel not massive worn AK stuff


Most just go with what they have as it can be time consuming, adding, gluing, filing shit etc... and loads of testing & crap

There are guides out there, some good & some not so good


Personally adding some material that doesn't directly wear in use to take up some slack, thus giving you a slightly reduced pull is about all I sometimes bother with if I can be arsed or feel like being a douche


I do it coz I feel like it at times, but messing about trying to get Hairline crap on mechanical trigger is not worth it imho

It doesn't make me hit the barn door that I so often miss

It is just something I consider at times but don't always do coz it can be wank at times


What are you after on what gun etc....

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1 hour ago, Darbanator said:

A cyma mk18


Depending on V2 gearbox...


Some have a stop on the top half of gearbox that limits the trigger "tang" on fill final pull

Here on the tang you can add thin material to very slightly lower the final pull

Also add a small thin material underneath tang to lower the rest point, take up a tiny bit of slack at rest, though the safety  arm might need modding to operate

Then for finer tuning cut trigger itself add material to trigger & trolley etc...

All using epoxy and hope all them bits don't come off in use or whilst you mess about filing and checking shit & how it all operates


A bit of a wank all round


So called speed triggers sometimes don't work quite like they should

Often the trigger face jumps off the trolley at full pull than work out of the box like people expect them to do

So called speed triggers often imho just look like speed triggers but need modding at times


So any trigger modding is a PITA

Best advice I can give to most people...


If it works OK and you can live with a slightly longer pull - leave it as is


If when stuff gets worn/wanked, jumps off trolley etc...

Then yeah have a go at taking some slack out - nowt to lose


Issue is, if you mess up you will need a new trigger/trolley

So you need a spare lot to hand & if you got nowt lose why not have a go


But it don't make you shoot more accurately - it is mostly personal preference

Yet it can be a wank and time consuming


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Fit a gate Titan advanced and you can set it to whatever douche factor you like.

i believe it even has a douche setting in the options list, but don't quote me on that.


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It's not enough to just have a short trigger pull.

If you are going to do it right you need trigger response as well.

If I were going to do it for myself on a budget I'd go with a microswitch and mosfet. You then tune the trigger to the microswitch with shims. The 1st stage is the tiny trigger movement to the microswitch, you will then feel the switch and be able to use it as a second stage.

A titan would let you do the same thing in software, but it won't have a dead stop without modification. It'll be a floating trigger with no 1st stage. I don't think I could live with this as the lack of feeling would be hard to live with on aimed shots for me.

The gearbox should also be setup for trigger response. It's pointless having a good trigger that isn't backed up by an instant shot. 13:1 gears on a good motor running 7.4v can do it pretty well. Failing that get a pre-cocking microswitch all in one trigger unit.

The Jefftron Leviathan ticks more boxes for me than the Titan.


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