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Double feeding fix! ICS L85 SA80

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If you have an ICS SA80 and you get double feeds (1 shot, 2 bb's leave barrel) this is what i have found after much messing about to fix the problem.


The problem is in the hop unit itself, the barrel does not penetrate far enough into the hop unit, meaning there is room for more than one bb to be 'chambered' and consequently fired during one shooting cycle.


I fixed this by removing the barrel, hup bucking and nub from the hop unit


Measuring the depth of the bore that the barrel goes into from the 'exit' down to the shoulder the hop rubber stops against.


Then using a 9.7mm drill carfully tickle the plastic until you have increased the measured depth by 0.5mm


When you took the barrel out of the hop unit you probably noticed the small 2 piece clamp which holds the barrel into the hop unit with 2 small phillips screws.

This needs to also locate 0.5mm further into the hop unit.


You can either file the clamp ears down 0.5mm or file the locating recess 0.5mm deeper, i did the latter.


You will also need 2 small shims or washers to place on the unfiled side of the 2 piece clamp so that when you screw it back together it screws up tight and makes sure the barrel moves into the hop more.


Id previously tried all sorts of things to fix this problem of which none of them cured the problem;

Airfet MoSfet

Systema hop bucking

Gaurder hop bucking

other mags

lubricating things

dergreasing things


I refitted the stock bucking and nub, removed the Mosfet and used standard mags again, just as a test seeing as id made so many changes, and its spot on.


Accuracy is up quite substantially now, i assume this is down to tighter clearances and more consistent air pressure, gun rocks now :)


If people are interested il take some pics cos that sounded confusing to me lol!

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Hey, I would be very interested in seeing more on how you stopped the double feeding. I've just got an ICS L85A2 and it has the double feeding problem.

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Hi, right a picture and thousand words... hopefully this makes it clear :)



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How common would you say this issue is with brand new ICS L85's? (As in recently produced at the factory).




Hi, i really couldnt say, i got my L85 last June (2010) been chasing the problem for that long.


If you dont want to drill your hop: Then if nothing else just try a systema bucking, of all the ones ive tried (Stock-TM-Gaurder clear-Systema-Prometheus) that helped cure the double feed the most, as it has really strong 'lips'.


Moving the barrel in 0.5mm competely cured it :)

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I have this problem with my ICS SA80 mostly on .2's and occasionally on .25's.


I dont have this problem with .28's.


I got this gun 3 months ago and I use Devil Blaster BB's

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Bumping this. I've had my ICS a few weeks now and have only JUST noticed that it does this. It'll do it completely randomly (usually more often it fires just the one). I want to confirm that this is typical of the above problem before I start drilling things.


Does the above problem and "fix" apply to a gun double feeding randomly, or just one that does so all the time?



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