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Mitchell Gee


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I have ordered online and visited the store now, so i thought i would do a review of both...




Site Visuals: 9/10 - The site is perfect apart from the slightly weird layout of some buttons on the banner, a row of buttons and the below it "links" if the "Links" button was put next to the others (and there is enough room) it would be perfect, part of the banner is hard to tell what it is, i can make out a person in the middle-left part of their banner, but behind the Title seems like a blur...


Ease of navigation: 10/10 - Perfect, easy to navigate, conveniently placed search bars eases it even more...


In store:


Visuals: 1/10 - You basically walk into the "store" and you can either turn right, to a toilet... or left, were you are confronted with a stable-style door with a code lock on it, you simply ring the doorbell and a guy comes to it, and asks you what you want, if you have just come for a browse, im not sure what they do... they did have a rather battered book full of their thingymabobins, which i guess they hand to you to have a look through... they do have a genuine reason for such boring system, there is a sign on the wall saying something about parts of planes being tested there, and all customers that are authorized in will have to be accompanied by a member of staff... this is rather surprising as the store is based in a timber yard...


Service: 10/10 - the guy who served me was very helpful and treated me no different to the person before me like most people do in stores (I'm 12) and you place your order, he walks off and gets it, comes back charges you for it, you give him the money, he hands the goods over (pouches in my case) he then goes off, fetches the change and gives it to you, i didn't talk to him much, but as the previous customer kept us waiting by talking to the cashier about a vest or something for at least 10 minutes, they must be pretty friendly...




Prices: 10/10 - The cheapest i have found in the UK, i got full British DPM for less than a tenner, and i got Bulle MOLLE pouches (a fatback utility pouch and a rapid dump pouch) for £15.76


Grand Total:

Online: 10/10 - Easy to use, nice looking, easy checkout, decent prices

In store: 8/10 - The ability to browse the items is not there, thats the only bad thing about it...



Website: www.flecktarn.co.uk



Flecktarn.co.uk (BulleUK LTD)

Unit 4a

Gregory's Timber Yard

Lucas Green Road

West End, West End

GU24 9YB

Great Britain

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yeah i just bought a shed load of kit from there and it didnt cost me an arm and a lag for the p&p

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used only the online store.

The online store consisted of a good range of surplus clothing which is always nice, the Standard DPM clothing you could get at a good price.


But looking at the BDU's seem to be a range of 5-10quid more expensive then a few other suppliers.

delivery is cheap though and speedy.

i ordered bullie interceptor molle plate holder, moral patches and a several other items.

good idea when looking for clothing and certain clothing items is to look on paintball websites. as you can normally items your after for the same price as airsoft varients but i have found that they are made to be more resilent. and with vests you can just swap out pod pouches for mag pouches.

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