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Looking for rough valuation.

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This is my first time logging in since... I don’t even know, but years. I used to be a moderator on here, now I don’t even recognise the layout 😅


Anyway, I’ve been looking to off load all my old gear for a few years now, got far too much to list it all on a forum sale section, so I’ve found a swap and sell event this Sunday at Level 2 Airsoft in Manchester. 


But its been so long since I was actually involved in anything airsofty that I don’t know the going rates of anything anymore... 


I don’t want to flog everything for pence, but I do want to get rid of as much as possible.


Some notable items if you wouldn’t mind giving me a rough valuation:


Mk 6 and 7 British Army helmets

Osprey plate carrier w/ cummerbunds 

Soft armour insert for the above

Brit army battle belt, for pairing with Osprey PC

Legit Lvl 3 Blackhawk Serpa for G17 (whittled for WE)

Various mounting platforms for the above; duty loop, thigh rig, belt etc

Timeless basic Viper chest rig, 6 mag pouch, zip fasten, sure you know the one

Northern Ireland style FAL era chest rig, basically 3 big pouches with bra straps to fasten it to your front 

Some sort of knock off US Molle smothered PC - RICAS maybe? I forget the names

Not gear but a WE Gen 4 G17 + gas & CO2 mags 

Dboys AKs74u 


Thats about all I can remember, I’ll be selling as parts rather than a bulk thing so I don’t want a figure for all of it in one, more individual prices for anything you might have knowledge on. 

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Mk6 Helmets can be found for around £30 - £40 at various military surplus shops, typically in very good condition. I'm not sure about the Mk7's, I'm not even sure these are strictly allowed to be in public hands but I could be mistaken.


MTP Osprey (depending on condition) typically £30 - £50 from the last time I looked on eBay and at surplus shops. No idea on the soft armour insert.


Guideline on the guns tends to be around 60% of RRP depending on condition.


If you still have admin privileges it might be worth moving this to the appraisals section. Might see you at the buy and sell, getting shut of a few bits myself hopefully.

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