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Hey All,

Some of you may have seen that I recently went to Sweden for two days of Airsoft at a site which Klockar helps run/plays at. We were invited over with Travail Fitness Group as he had numerous players that had bought plates from him (not to mention Klockar is also one of his sponsored players) so what better excuse to go to Sweden than to hand deliver plates and take some friends along too! The site itself is an old mental health “hospital” (they still use the term asylum) which was shaped in a capital T with basement and then four floors above including attic space.  Each floor comprises of numerous (probably up to 30 a wing) rooms along long corridors and the further up the floors you go the more hidden access points to adjoining rooms you find (these were referred to as mouse holes).


The games were varied with some very interesting aspects but in all honesty I don’t really have the time to go into each one but they were like nothing I had played in the UK before and had some interesting yet simple interactive props and people playing roles.

Each end of the T shape had a stairwell and so did the middle of the T which made it easy to think that doubling back to come down behind an enemy team if you were pinned in a certain area would work but there were three teams, so while you may think you were getting the drop on a team that had managed to dig in on an objective you could quite easily then get snagged up by the other team while trying to flank to original!

Rooms were varied in style, some to look like shops, some looked like bars and others had rave lights, Techno Euro Pop or the likes of Rammstein Blaring out which actually added something decent to the ambience of play! The basement itself also had “cells” which were a sign of how people were kept in this place back in the day and had large areas of complete darkness which was only broken with the odd shot of tracer rounds or the flash of the rotating truck lights that you commonly see as a warning light or working light on top of a tractor here in the UK.

That’s where I’m going to leave it but any questions give me a shout in the comments below and I’ll try my best to answer them.



























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Looks amazing mate! Did anyone get any gameplay footage from the day? Would love to see it if so!

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9 minutes ago, BibbsOnTour said:

Looks amazing mate! Did anyone get any gameplay footage from the day? Would love to see it if so!


I got a bit but its from a live video I did for a few guys back home. If I see any actually game play stuff on social media come up ill post the links up on here as and when it crops up.

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2 minutes ago, Immortal said:

Cool site, thanks for sharing.


No worries. I may up load snippets of video if people can put up with my monotone voice 😂 Just wont make much sense as I was talking to live comments coming through but I think people will be able to get the point if I do upload them

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