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The £75 sale gun ASG - CAA - M4 - Carbine

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Gun Name and maker: ASG - CAA - M4 - Carbine


FPS: 340 - 364 - i know right, when i had this chrono'd for use at site ( Combat South) the marshal was good enough to take out the top edge of power and let me on to the field with a reading of 350.1, so who knows what will happen when i turn up for a Red 1 day. 340 is the reading that came on the tag.


Hop up: yes, i will need to readjust when i next get a battery inside as it is currently arching due to the back spin, my brother 'field tested', rigorously. means i need to tinker to get that 'laser feel' for the shots


Mag Capacity: using Hi-caps


Battery: Li-Po nurpol 7.4v (1400am  I think)


Plastic/Metal/Both: Polymer, polymer everywhere, there are metal pins holding the weapon together - which is solid enough for the abuse i have planned. It's my first gun so i will not be doing anything til it stops working. The build does have a touch of wobble at hand guard and stock. the stock is relatively standard and the tab that extends the stock is somewhere in the Wickham woods...yeah.


My opinion and overall comments: This gun cost me £75 + postage, it is my first airsoft weapon; this is very important as it gives bias. 

 I have a super-light weapon with a pistol grip that i can use 1 handed whilst running a bomb to the fort door. i am happy.

the carbine is currently hitting the 47m target in the range. I am happy,


The field testing that happened included many Wednesday nights and a couple of Sundays; the lightness of the platform is a massive plus as it means i can runaround for longer than those (including my brother) with the full metal toys 😁


There is minimal wobble with the mag, i am happy


On full auto it (is reported) does slip and miss a couple of rounds after 10 seconds. So that just means short bursts from me, not the end of the world but also suits my play style - read boxmag will be used in ARP9 when i get one - yes i have a wish list. 


this is a great first weapon that will be used til it breaks.


Overall rating: great range (for an out of the box aeg) very light assault weapon, 


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