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Choosing an LMG? 🤔

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I just recently bought myself an LMG, had a GREAT time trying it out for the first time, looking forward to using it more in the future! 

Just bare in mind the prices, make and the weight you will have to carry!

I also recommend a pistol as a backup for certain situations! 

Who can relate and show a pic? 🤔


My CYMA RPK-74 folding stock version.

(It was the only one I could get on the web, wanted the fixed stock version, don't regret it at all!)


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No pics as yet as the damn thing arrived the day after I left the UK to go to work for 4 weeks!


Bought a Krytac Trident LMG-E off a forum member, really looking forward to seeing how it performs. By all accounts it's a decent package, good price and weight wise it's one of the lightest out there so hopefully won't knacker my knees or back toting it around the skirmish fields next month....to be updated.

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Typical always arrives the day after! 😤

To be concluded! 👍

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