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Ares AS01 Help!

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Could anyone help me with a small problem? I just bought this gun and I can’t seem to push the pin in and get the indicator out. Gun won’t cock so I think this might be the problem :( thanks!



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1. Could we get pictures of the other side, the one with the cocking indicator

2. Try removing the stock there are 2 screws. One in front of the magazine and the other is behind the trigger guard. They can be removed using the larger of the two Allen keys in the grip.

3. The pin can get stuck in there so I would try to bash it out using a screw diver along with a small hammer. Do this as a last resort. 

If you do manage to get the pin out then I would advise getting an upgraded pin from these guys.


It has a screw on it that means it wont slip out during the middle of a game and jam your rifle  

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