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Can't remove thread protector

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Got a mock suppressor for my G&G GC16 Predator but can't get the thread protector off the end of the barrel.

There's a tiny locking screw on the protector I can't unscrew.

I've tried some balloon rubber between the Allen key and the screw but had no joy.

Next I'm going to try gluing the Allen key in the screw.

If that doesn't work I may have to resort to drilling the screw out.

Does anyone have any suggestions before this drastic step?


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I have had success with various alloy products that have had loctite applied come apart with a good application of boiling water

Aluminium doesn’t need flame applied to it to take the heat quickly to soften loctite

Stick the tip  (of the barrel 😉)  into a cup of boiling water for a moment

mind and loosen the grub screw or you WILL ruin the treads 🤦🏻‍♂️

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