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Cerberus - Sandpit

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Surprised to not find a review for this site on here already, but allow me to. Cerberus are my local club and they have a number of sites to host games at. The most popular by far though is the Sandpit in the middle of Bradford, a large operational quarry. Sadly its because the quarry is still in use that only a  handful of games can take place here each year, but its always great fun when we do get to play here. The site offers a bit of everything, with a few buildings and structures near the entrance, a large quarry area full of boulders and streams, mounds and steep little hills and roads, a wooden area up to the right hand side of the quarry and also a hillside area off up to the left with a few plateaus and patches of vegetation for cover. The size and popularity of the site means games can be as varied as you like. Use the whole site for large 50 on 50 games or split into smaller teams and use just a small area for some faster paced games. Fitness definitely plays a key role here, you don't need to be a pro athlete, but the fitter you are the easier day your going to have, as quite often taking a route that wont involve getting immediately shot will mean you'll find yourself scrambling up steep hills with loose footing or running across wide open spaces to the next bunch of boulders for cover. Range definitely plays a big role at the Sandpit too, this is not a site to bring your SMGs or Shotguns to. The size of the site and wide open spaces in the middle of the quarry especially means your typical engagement distances will be longer than most other airsoft sites so snipers, DMRs or anyone with a well tuned rifle is definitely at an advantage here. The only real downside to the site is the dirt and dust and lack of any proper toilet facilities, The quarry is littered with bogs of thick clay and mud that if you don't watch where your going can all too easily find yourself knee deep in pretty quick. Also the dust means that after a day here you'll certainly want to give your guns and gear a good clean. Other than that this is a fantastic site well worth visiting. 

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