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Action Army Masamune Cylinder in JG Bar 10 - Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

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Hoping wiser heads than mine can offer some advice on one or two (or three) issues I'm having fitting Action Army VSR specialized trigger unit and their Masamune (?) cylinder into a JG Bar 10.


Problem No1 - I kept all the original bolt cocking parts (handle, end cap) from the Bar 10 to fit to the back of the Action Army cylinder. Nope! The back of the Action Army cylinder won't fit into the original Bar 10 end cap. 

More specifically it looks/feels like the 'male' stepped, flat section at the very end of the Action Army cylinder is too big to fit and lock with the 'female' flat section inside the rear of the bolt end cap, which is designed to take it, of course.

Should I:

1) Take a file to the 'male' section of the Action Army cylinder bolt end and fettle it down until it fits into the original Bar 10 bolt end cap?

2) Buy a new VSR bolt end cap - and if so which?

3) Seek some other solution (all suggestions gratefully received)?!


Problem No2 - With the Action Army specialized trigger unit fitted underneath the JG Bar 10 receiver I can't get the spring guide stopper to drop fully into the slot at the bottom of the cylinder, behind the spring guide. It'll go some way into the cylinder, but not the whole way, and then it'll stop, like it's stuck.

What am I doing wrong that the spring guide stopper won't drop into place inside the cylinder slot?!

Do I need to file down the cylinder end of the spring guide stopper for a better fit?


Problem No3 - Not so much a problem as a puzzlement.

In the little plastic bag that Action Army provides with the trigger unit, along with the two small mounting screws I have two small threaded 'pegs' with no actual screw or allen key heads on them.

Of course, good old Action Army don't provide any instructions, but the spring guide stopper has two small holes in the end that look like they might take these 'pegs'.

I've just no idea whether that's the case nor what their purpose is! 

What are these pegs for and what do I need to do with them?


Thanks all for any help you can provide to any of these somewhat taxing conundrums.

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I can help with the end cap as I had the same issue.

I clamped the cylinder down and took a file to the male portion that fits into the cap. It needed about 2mm off to fit.



Also with regards to the spring guide stopper have you tried cocking back the cylinder back a couple of centimetres whilst pushing the stopper down? 

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Thanks @Hunka1988 appreciate the input. I'd reached the same conclusion and, like you, sorted it with a file. Still a tight fit but saves having to shell out (even more) on a replacement bolt end cap.

Spring guide stopper is, I believe, supposed to protrude at the bottom of the Action Army specialized trigger unit a bit. I just tapped it with a hammer and that drove it home the extra. It's tight though - not looking forward to having to remove it again when the day comes! Now just need to fettle the inside of the trigger guard to accommodate the protruding portion and all should (I hope) be well. Bit annoying that you spend £70 odd on a cylinder and then have to butcher it yourself.

Still at a loss as to what those extra threaded 'pegs' are for and where to put them, though!

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