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Hi collective minds. 


At the moment. After a day of use, I take my hpa valves out & put the normal valves back in the mags then add a bit a gas to keep the seals lubricated. 


It's becoming a PITA doing this just for storage. 


Do you guys do anything differently or is there other ways I can keep the seals lubricated without stripping the valves or taking the hpa valves out


Nick :) 

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I put some non permanent thread lock and sealant on my hpa valves and just leave them in my tm mags all the time.

I decided it would be easier to just buy replacement orings and replace them when needed but to be honest i haven`t

needed to yet and its been a few years now.  I have found using just hpa is not that rough on the seals.

I do occasionally put a drop of silicone oil on the top valve of the mag and push in the valve to let it in around the valve

just in case.


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So just a drop of silicone oil on the outlet valve & that's all you do which is a good idea. Getting tired of swapping inlet valves after every game day use. 


Think I'll invest in some replacement O-rings as back up. 


The mags were bought brand new last year but who knows how long they were on the shelf 


Cheers :)

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