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I really appreciate the thought and consideration for guns that goes into anime so I think it deserves a thread. I have watched a few different series and regularly browse the anime section on imfdb and I'm always impressed with the way they replicate real firearms. Some excellent variety can be found too. Obviously we are talking cartoons here so not everyone's cup of tea, but they aren't all for kids. 


I won't post too many screenshots but give an example through Black lagoon. 






There's another called Jormungand. I haven't seen it but it always crops up on imfdb... 


There's a 13 episode series called Stella's women academy class c3 which is about a group of girls in an airsoft club. Totally bonkers but it had enough value in it being airsoft related and I learnt in japan if you don't take your hits then you are 'playing zombie'!


Can anyone recommend any good anime for guns? 

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I like guns and anime but never put 2 and 2 together. Never seen Goku pull out an M4 vs Freeza. 


Seems there are guns in Afro Samurai and Death note and I have watched both of those but pretty boring lists of guns.

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