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Armourer Works custom Hex Glock 18c Review

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Ok here goes 

I bought this pistol for a compleat bargain from a friend for ¬£150 along with a big drum mag. O what funūüėĀ.

First impressions

First things first the pistol it's self looks bloody amazing, the hex cut slide is both light and stylish. The trigger is smooth and the recoil is crisp, clean and powerful. the silver coloured magazine looks really good in the gun through the hex cuts in the handle. Then there is the fun switch and boy o boy is it a fun switch. The full auto is just ridiculous and is comparable to my AEG.


The range is decent and I can hit 40-50m with reasonable accuracy. If you have the money the drum mag is an amazing addition, the gas efficiency is amazing and you are able to get around 130 rounds off with the drum mag and around 3-4 mags of ammo with the regular mag. 


Stylish and unique pistol 

comes pre-upgraded by Armourer works 

Very nice pistol out of the box


Overusing the full auto will make the slide so cold that it struggles to fire but that is normal for GBB

Watch out for the full auto because if you hold the pistol too far up the grip the chilling effect of the green gas will give you a cold burn but that can be countered by holding the pistol properly or wearing gloves.


The pistol is an amazing gun out of the box, it has good range and the full auto is just absolutely amazing and is so incredibly sexy 

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15 hours ago, Solly4568 said:

amazing [...] amazing [...] amazing [...] amazing [...] amazing


So, in summary... ? ;)


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O shhh¬†ūüėĚ

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