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TRMR versions/revisions

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I have put together a list of all the TRMR versions/revisions I can find could do with some help figuring out what the OLD TRMR E1 X4 version has different. 


TRMR - only fires .209 identifiable as the base has 2 lines of holes to expel the blast.




TRMR X4 (original TRMR head with the x4 base)



TRMR E1 - New TRMR head which says it will work from 30cm on concrete instead of 50cm, comes with x4 base as standard. You can identify the new head style as it as TRMR-E1 stamped on it horizontally as apposed to the old head having TRMR stamped on it vertically.



TRMR E1 US version - not compatible with multishot base or x4 base or original .209 base. It uses .209 primers and holds spare primers in the base) 



TRMR E1 X4 (new?) not sure if there is a revision or they just started selling it named E1 X4 instead of E1 as the original E1 came with the X4 base anyway but on jd airsoft they mention old in brackets in the title not sure what differences this has but there seems to be an old version. 



TRMR E1 X4-S field stripable from one 1 pin? visually I can't see a difference but it says "The new designed TRMR allows the user to field strip with ease of a single pin. The new 'pin thru' system has been designed so the user can disassemble the device by pulling a single pin from the wobble head and allow the body to separate for cleaning and lubrication. This is ideal for anyone who needs a smoother and easier twist system by applying more lubrication on the main o'ring inside the body on a regular basis. This version allows the use of the Multi-shot Base."




Multishot base is compatible with all versions apart from the US version (and the E2 version not mentioned because it seems pants)




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