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The two different types of cqb site

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38 minutes ago, Crazy_Crystal said:

I can only guess that it might mean scenarios with limited ammo and a specific set of objectives and probably encouraging teamwork... I have no idea what this will actually look like though as we can only speculate. whatever happens I will definitely be trying this site out when it opens... 🙂

what they do say on their website is this;


Vengeance will feature rolling games, themed with current CT operations in mind. Limited ammo, medic rules, much more like our Operation Semiramis. This is not a skirmish. You will be met at the gate by a member of staff and checked for booking.


Returning to Battlesim!

First game to start late Feb 2019.


Ah so a lot like how the sandpit games were run, less all out skirmish. would like to hear how the site works before I go but having the sandpit as my only UCAP experience I'm sure I wont be disappointed.

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ok, that sounds good. although I have never actually been to a ucap game before, the site and style is what is appealing to me... that and the fact that it is only a few miles away.

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