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Urban Assault games for 2019

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Hey guys,


So I've been planning to go to this site after seeing the amazing pictures and videos that people have posted about it. I can't fault how the site looks, but I have personally never been. I plan to go on the 2nd of Feb, and have been looking around for site reviews. I saw quite a few Facebook reviews complaining about the marshaling/organisation/etc. I cannot confirm this as I have never been to the site, but the last thing I would want is to make the 3 hour drive from Kent only to have a terrible day due to what has been said in those reviews. I also realised that these complaints were generally occuring before July-ish 2018, and since then, the site has been getting good reviews commenting on how the marshaling has improved. 


I'd like to ask anyone who has attended the site to tell me their opinions on the recent games? Is the marshaling up to standard now? 
I plan to go with a few mates from Kent so before we make the long drive, I'd just like to have some opinions from the site regulars. Ultimately, is it worth the journey?



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Hi mate,


With any site you'll get both good and bad feedback - me personally,  I've been to the site I think 5 times, plus another 3-4 night games over the last year and I really enjoyed it. The site really rewards teamwork and not being afraid to be super aggressive with regards to play style, especially some of the games where you as the attacker will have unlimited respawns, you have to just get stuck in and I enjoy that.


As with any site you'll get people shouting about others not calling hits - Urban is an odd site in that it's both CQB and outdoor, so I think some players struggle to cope with the quick changes in distance, and especially over 50 mtrs, a player might genuinely not feel a hit. Yes there were some marshalling issues in the past due to low numbers but I think the guys have now tweaked the games to make it a little easier to manage and keep an eye on the action.


Certainly the site is huge, so be prepared to run a lot and sometimes your spawn can be a long walk.


I'd certainly say give it a go, if only because the site won't be there forever and it's probably unique in its play style and location.


I'm there this Saturday doing photos as a one-off otherwise I'd meet up with you on the 2nd as a tour guide but I've got a game day the following day already booked up!  Let me know how you get on if you do go!



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