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[SY / ACM] M945 GBB

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Review of the M945 GBB pistol from SY.

This replica can also be found as an ACM version or marked A&K or WELL.


The M945 review in video (EN) :







M945 - SY / ACM


FPS: 280 fps with 0.20 g bb's.

Hop up: standard & adjustable.

Mag Capacity : 26 bb's.

Aluminium slide, Zamak frame and little parts, ABS grips.


My opinion and overall comments:

A very rare replica on the airsoft fields with some things to know before buying it.
On the aesthetic side, the casts and painting are well made and the markings are the same as the real gun.
Operation : MARUI type mechanic, with slightly mods to do in order to replace some parts. You can upgrade it with standard inner barrel and hop-up rubber. Pleasant details: ambidextrous safety, fully adjustable sights and the outer barrel is threaded in 11 mm CW (clockwise).
On the performance side, the use of gas is particularly well NOT optimized: a kick rather strong but gas is wasted as it leaks everywhere. The power with green gas is 280 fps with 0.20 g bb’s which is perfect for a back-up.
This replica is an excellent choice for experienced players able to upgrade it but clearly not for beginners.


The review in video (EN):


HD photos here:


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Very interesting and professional  review.


Thanks for doing it in English.

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