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Does a real firearm license allow me to not be a UKARA registered player?


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1 hour ago, Rogerborg said:

Tee hee. Just seen this on Twatter.




It's both hilarious and appalling how many of the replies are apparently sincere "Rrrraragh MUH Secund Amundmant rites!  Molton Labia!!!!!!"


Even after having the obvious pointed out, it's "MUH PIONT STILL STANS!!!!" :D 

Need something a bit more professional …



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The way things go around in the UK (and the world) is worrying and baffling at the same time. Some old farts under pressure from woke social justice warriors (“or else I won’t vote for you!”) and shady orgs that have no idea what they’re talking about manage to impose further and further restrictions on us, citizens, just because they can, in the name of something nobody can grasp: safety.


The problem I think is in the toxic polarisation of arguments and lack of nuanced, deep conversations between people. We just take in what the media, the politicians, our neighbours, our coworkers currently support and try to fit in, because nobody wants to be the odd one out. Instead of thinking we react with the first response.


It takes real guts to stand up and say “you’re talking rubbish mate” following with a coherent counterpoint that will prompt that person to think for themselves.


Given our track record within the past two years, I don’t think we have much time left until our teaspoons and kitchen towels will be banned too, since *they pose incredible danger to society as a whole.* For goodness sake, they could be an offensive weapon, AM I RIGHT LADS?! 🤣


It’s the time of great coddling of the minds and bodies.


We can make fun of it all and cover our laughter/cry with cynicism/memes, but that won’t help make things better. "Hard times make strong men,” and if you don’t stand up for what you enjoy, don’t cry when they come for your beloved toys and boomsticks.

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57 minutes ago, shadowfacex said:



Edited for brevity.


I don't really disagree with you, but neither do I kid myself that we're going to see a return to facts-and-reason-based discussion.  Demographics is destiny, and our trajectory is towards Idiocracy, not Star Trek.  I'm just enjoying what's left of the ride.

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