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Sniper rifle for under £200?

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Sniper rifle under £200?

Was thinking about an ASG M40A3 McMillan to have money for upgrade and scope, or a JG Bar 10.



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Whilst you can get a sniper rifle for that price. It will not perform like you see in the videos.

A sniper rifle is a gun type that takes a hell of a lot of effort and skill to make work well. Stock parts simply don't do what players want them to.

A good site to look on is Airsoft Pro and Airsoft sniper parts UK.



Both of those sites have comprehensive lists of upgrade parts done by gun model. In most cases you will be looking at a trigger and sears set, Upgraded spring guide, Piston and cylinder. Hop unit, bucking and inner barrel.

If the rifle you are looking at doesn't have a comprehensive list of upgrades - Avoid it.

The ASG M40A3 you are looking at only has spring and spring guide upgrade parts available.

The JG Bar 10 on the other hand has more  upgrade parts than just about any other model of gun.

Those parts are not cheap however.

Trigger, sears, Piston spring and spring guide €107.
Hop unit €41
Bucking €9 (for Standard hop unit -- If you went with the CNC hop you need an AEG bucking).

Inner barrel €122


There is a very good reason why upgraded second hand sniper rifles sell for more money than the base gun. You can spend more than the cost of the basic rifle on upgrades, before you have even got to the stage where it's ready to shoot.

Added into that airsoft sniping is actually really hard work. There is a lot of running and finding positions, You will need decent camo, and a secondary pistol on most sites as well as snipers have a minimum engagement distance so you don't cause the other players serious injuries!

My advice would be get a decent regular rifle, and learn to use it. Then once the glamour of sniping has worn off a little think really seriously about one, and the time investment to make one that works like a monster.

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15 hours ago, Iceni said:

My advice would be get a decent regular rifle, and learn to use i


I agree, that makes sense.


But since it doesn't make any gorram sense to run around the woods pewing bits of plastic from toy guns to begin with, I went another way.


Well MB-03 @ £57
Spring, guide and piston upgrade kit @ £23 (the trigger and sear are already metal)

Plus a sighting solution.


Give that a try.  You'll have the fps, and to spare: be prepared to cut the spring down, mine chronoed at 600fps with that kit in.  But once you get it to 500fps, you'll be capable of slinging BBs as far as any other sniper, and then it'll come down to how heavy a BB you can hop, and how consistently you can hop it.


Then you can think about more upgrades.


6.03mm inner barrel @ £13.  A ZCI from ak2m4 would be better, if it were in stock.


Then on to the hop.  The stock unit, well, it functions.  You can throw in an Airsoft Pro aluminium arm, but you might have to shim it with tape, and file down the 'nub'.  Or replace the unit with any of the aftermarket solutions.


In the meantime, get yourself a sidearm, and for that I'd suggest not a pistol, but an AEG carbine or SMG.  The basic CYMA M4s work, and the CM.506 / 513 / 516 are shortish and lightish.  Or one of the PDW or slidey/foldy stock MP5s, or a P90, all of which can be had for under or around £100. Heck, I'd suggest the JG Mac-10 if it didn't take those AEP batteries, but that could be rewired for lipos, or there are plug in lipo batteries becoming available.


Treat the sniper as an ongoing project.  See how it works on each day.  If it's not slaughtering your foes as you'd wish, switch to the AEG and you'll instantly be effective.  Sling the sniper, or just prop it against a tree and get stuck in.  Or use its scope for spotting, that's a useful activity in and of itself.


It's true that £200 spent on an AEG will be more effective, but if your heart is set on sniping, and you only have £200 in your budget, you can get started.  Just give yourself a viable backup option as well.





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Worth checking the springers for sale on here, you may find a pimped one second hand.

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