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AMG Antifreeze Bulb and Rocket Valve for G Series Pistols

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) thread.

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So... not really a review but: they don't work well with co2 at all.


Why? Well, let me break it down.


The rocket valve. A spring-less design that in theory allows for quicker resets and higher outputs to increase efficiency in cold weather or just in general. Why does it not work with co2? Well... uh... it doesn't actuate. I suspect the pressure is behind the valve is so high that it just cannot be struck with a normal trigger. Even if i did mod it with a strong trigger, i'm not sure if it would be a good idea to release so much co2 pressure in one go. So, that's a bummer.


Secondly, the antifreeze bulb. This lil shit kinda works but also underwhelming at the same time that in end, might as well use the stock bulb for better results. Why? With co2 and the antifreeze, at 13 degrees celsius, it brings the initial fps higher than the stock plastic bulb. But, it greatly reduces the lowest fps possible before running out of gas, the cooldown effect is somehow more prominent and the amount of shots it can take with a single co2 capsule is lower.


Allow me to explain:


@13 degrees C w/ co2 and the antifreeze bulb, the first shot was 350 fps with 0.2g. Within the next few shots, they hovered around 330 and by the 25th shot, it was around 308. That's not great but not too bad either. However, the problem with the bulb arises with repeated mag use with the same cartridge. The fps doesn't recover at all: it continues to drop and drop all the way down to 191 fps on the 73rd shot until all the co2 exhaled from cooldown. Bear in mind, this was all in semi auto with spaced shots and a considerable pause in between reloading. When I say it doesn't recover, I mean, it never does as in: the fps always goes down and the next value will never be above the previous one.


Compared to the antifreeze, @13 degrees C, the stock plastic bulb begins at 320 fps on a fresh co2 capsule. The first mag hovers around 310 before finishing at 290 by the 25th shot. But the thing is, the velocity can hover around or be greater than the previous value for a while as in: the third shot can be say, 310 fps, then the next can be 312, 314 and so on. Which means the stock bulb can hold its consistency much better than the antifreeze with co2. Onto the second mag, the fps recovers and again, hovers at around 310 before a bigger decrease to 272 fps. Third mag as follows to which i began spamming semi faster: 312, 313, 303, 309, 309, 306, tout, tout, tout, 271, 262 and held around there. This carries on until the 5th mag where the first shot began at 255 and dies around the 13th shot at 228 fps.


So, with the antifreeze, it goes from 350 to 191 fps in 73 shots @13 degrees C. With the stock plastic, it goes from 320 to 228 in 113 shots at the same temp. At a higher temperature, the stock bulb with co2 can go through 5 full mags on semi on a single co2 cartridge as I have tested before. But, without evidence so take my word for it :)


In conclusion, don't bother with AMG stuff if you intend to use co2, as it hinders more than potentially increase the performance (if the rocket valve worked). 


I would like to test the amg stuff on green gas and compare to co2 but I just sold my only green gas mag HA. Which means that won't happen anytime soon. Although, I personally, I think it would hold greater consistency than co2 at a higher temp but be worse off at a lower one like 13 degrees C.


This was all tested in the space of a few hours in the morning, and yes, 13 degrees C is fucking cold for an indoor house.

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) thread.

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