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Mitchell Gee

ICS SIG 551 Swat

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hi there,


i have been looking at less common guns and have fallen in love with SIG's, is this one any good? http://www.wolfarmouries.co.uk/airsoft/bb/...ct&id=ICS51 and does anyone know the barrel length etc.


also on the website (link) it says it fires at 330Fps, is this true? and will i need a downgrade? cus the place im going to play at (the mall in reading) wont let it in if it has one reading at 340Fps or higher... a downgrade shouldnt be too bad, cus it has a quick change spring apperently :P


can someone also link me to were i can get a scope mount for this gun (like a rail thingymabob that sits on top :P)




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