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ICS Ble xae mag issue

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Hi folks,

I have a ics ble xae gas pistol. Its about 3 months old and I cant figure out what is going on with the magazine for it.


It doesn't seem to matter how much gas i put into the mag, it never seems to hold enough for more than 4 or max 5 shots before being empty.

I have tried filling the mag and listening for any leaks but i cant detect any and if the mag is left it doesn't seem to lose any gas.

I have tried abbey red gas and swiss arms extreme gas and both experience the same issues.


Only thing of note and i supsect its fitted with a silent fill valve or something. But when filling the mag you can only hear gas going in for the first couple of seconds. Then nothing, i tried putting the magazine and the can by my ear to see if i could hear anything but i cant.


Really perplexed as i cant figure out what is actually going on.

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Try putting the mag in the freezer, after emptying it completely.

Once it’s nice and cold, see how much gas you can get in it then. You should be able to get loads more (don’t over do it though, or the output valve will jam shut)

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So this is sorted and of all things. It was an air bubble inside the mag. Saw a YouTube video about them forming and thought i would see.

In essence i prevents you filling the mags properly.

To clear it you follow these steps.

Empty the mag completely of any remaining gas.

Depress and hold the valve button on the back of the magazine and simultaneously push a can can into the fill nozzle.

This will purge the air bubble and clear it.

You can then release the valve button and continue to fill the mag as normal.


Difference in performance.

Prior to purging the air bubble. Max of 5 rounds out of the magazine on a fill.

After purging the air bubble. 25 rounds and thats potentially not even a full fill

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