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Trigger cuts out...Contacts issue?

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Today I had a rather strange thing going on with my gun.  When shooting left handed on semi...the gun functions perfectly ok, but when I switch to my right hand...the gun sometimes fails to fire, like it's not engaging.


One of the experienced guys at the field today seemed to think it was the trigger contacts, as the trigger finger on each hand exerts different pressure on the trigger when you pull it.  Thinking about that..it kinda seems logical.  Gonna take it to a tech next time I visit my fav store.


What do you guys think?


(Btw..it's my trusty Nuprol Delta Sopmod...I think it's starting to creak a little with the constant tinkering and taking it apart constantly to work on and experiment with...though I have not been inside the mech box yet..)


I know that a lot of opinions on Nuprol guns is not favourable...but it's my first gun, I love it and I can't get rid of it and having flathopped it..when it was shooting ok today, it was awesome.  :) 

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