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Adolf Hamster

WE Luger appraisal

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Make/brand:  WE

Any accessories included: Real leather repro holster, repro luger tool, 4x magazines (3x we silver, 1x we gray)

Pictures:  will attatch if required


figured i'd get a bit of a ballpark figure for this.


it's a pretty much brand new we luger, "skirmished" twice, maybe 3-4 mags total with 2 mags worth of firing in anger. has a proper leather repro holster (seriously it's like 1/4" thick) with repro luger tool and 3 spare silver mags.


reason for sale is it doesn't shoot well enough for me to skirmish, it was meant to be my secondary for attacking games when using the mg (because running with that bad boy sucks) but it doesn't have the range for a stand-in primary when outdoors.


it'd make a great re-enactment peice or possibly cqb gun if you down-load the mags.

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