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Now then from North Yorkshire, looking for help with short carbines (Sig 552, AUG)

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Hi guys,

new to the forum and new to the sport. Thought about having a crack for a long time. A few weeks ago I finally bit the bullet and had a bash at it. 

Needles to say I had lots of fun and now I want to spend all my money on Airsoft. 🤑


I’ve taken the time to familiarise myself with the rules and had a good read of the helpful guides on this forum. I also did my research about the sport and the general rules etc. My first two games have been at Humber Airsoft and I’ve really enjoyed the terrain and just generally being outdoors. That being said it has been glorious weather on both occasions  so come winter I may migrate indoors!


I can’t say I’ve been the perfect newbie there were a couple of times I didn’t take hits at first though this was mostly as they were mistaken ricochets (which I was told don’t count at the site) but I have learned lessons from these occasions and hopefully I won’t make those mistakes again.


I mostly just wanted to say hey and if anyone here regularly plays at Humber Airsoft be good to hear from you.


Anyway, I’m in the position of hopefully getting my ARA sorted next month and I’m starting to browse for an AEG. I’m ideally looking for something that isn’t an M4 variant so I’ve been drawn to SIG 552 commando, AUG commando and folding/ collapsible stock MP5 style weapons as I think their size and folding stock will suit the way I like to play. It would be great if anyone would be kind enough to share their experiences of any particular manufacturer/brand. Alternatively if anyone can nominate a different platform which they believe would be suitible then I’d welcome your advice/ experience too. 


(To save someone saying, I’m well aware of G&G combat machine range, currently they are my reserve option if I struggle to find an alternative I like that’s within budget)


thanks in advance

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Welcome :).  You have made a good start with reading the forum rules and guides, useful information.  I prefer the option of getting site membership (and UKARA registered)  before buying a gun so that there is time to do research and avoid the need for buying a two-tone IF.


You do not give a budget, so I will mention the Krytac Trident Mk2 PDR (around £330) as a possible gun to look at. Cannot see any in stock from a quick search.

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Ayeup. Where's your location Bud. I come from York. But now live in Coventry.... Don't ask.


Augs are easy, there are loads of "brands" out there, but only 3 companies actually make them.

Tokio marui, Only make there own guns, Very good, Best out of the box commando with the TM high cycle. Expensive.

APS - Easy to spot with the raised area on the pistol grip and body. Really poor piston heads, but otherwise decent.

JG - No raised areas on pistol grip or body. Solid all round gearbox with a slightly better parts selection than APS. Cheapest of all the variants and externally identical to the TM.

The JG is probably the budget model to aim for, You can get them branded as snow wolf for significantly less than most of the other brands.


Augs are noisy. your head is over the gearbox, and there isn't a lot of sound proofing. So they sound very loud to the shooter, but normal to everyone else.

There are a few issues with BB's getting loose in the body, Especially if you try to do sideways or slow mag swaps. With a little practice and some shimming you can almost eliminate this problem.

Mags are cheap and plastic, there are no known bad mags. Compatibility is 100% across all brands.

But the SIG is a better buy. It's a more user friendly gun for a beginner, and doesn't have the same amount of small quirks that the AUG's have. And there is more information about for fixing the SIG. Aug users have done a lot of reading to be able to get the most out of the cheaper models, or paid up for the TM HC so they don't have to tweak.

I normally recommend AUG's over M4's, but I would pick a SIG, FN Fal, over an AUG for a starter gun. Just because there equally rare on the field, but have a more conventional layout. The AUG is a gun you have to want, and a gun you want to tweak to be perfect. If the AUG is your dream then I can help you with them, If you want something that everyone can help you with get the SIG of FAL.



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Thanks for the warm welcome and theinfo so far, especially the info on the AUG. I like the platform but I had concerns about their ease of use, primarily because I don’t seem to see many of them or information floating around. Thanks for clearing that up.


@Jedi_Master I like the Krytac you mentioned but as you said couldn’t find stock anywhere and I’m trying to convince the other half that this hobby can be cheap  🙄 haha.


@ Duff I actually have been looking at Taiwangun as I am struggling to find any UK stockists. 


This is the gun I’ve been looking at and let’s be honest it’s very budget friendly. Do TG offer downgrades on every platform? This one seems to shoot a little hot and I’m not sure how big my testes are to downgrade it myself! I don’t suppose anyone would recommend a battery that fits? I’ve been told LiFe work well in the platform (space vs battery lasting a while) but I’m a total noob so I may be misinformed.


Edit, I forgot someone asked where:

Near Scarborough, aka the black hole of Airsoft sites.


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Couple of mths ago I picked one these up for a family member , cracking gun ! great range and very accurate , I did have the TM one for a good while and considering the price difference there wasn’t much quality difference . I’ve also had two JG AUGs in the past (2 different models) and again both very good guns . Me personally I’d be more than happy to have either again . 

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