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Krytac- Bolt Cover

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First question on this forum...…….  

(I did search , honest)


I recently purchased my first AEG , a Krytac Trident II


The question is, when firing , should I be leaving the bolt cover open?

I noticed some very light scratching to the finish on the inside of the bolt cover , which makes me believe there is ever so slight contact between the bolt & cover


The cover is purely there to stop crud getting in huh?

And it is safe to fire with it closed? or should it be left open & I am just to be careful not to chuck the gun into the dirt when playing?





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I've got a Krytac Trident 2 CRB

no scratches on mine inside the covers BUT since it's an AEG surely your bolt only moves when pulling the charging handle back to change the hop? Because that's the only time mine does?

I keep mine closed when playing because I don't want excess dirt inside the shell.

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Yeah doesn't matter either way really, I don't think you'll get much dirt or anything in there to worry about anyway even if left open- most guns you'll see don't even have an ejection port cover 

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